Onions are ready to reap as quickly as they attain a useable length. However, for storage, your cue to begin the harvesting system is when the leaves start to flop over or turn brown at the rims. After a week like this carefully dig them out of the floor the use of a fork. Lay the bulbs on the soil floor, or on a cord rack for better ventilation, to dry inside the solar for a in addition week.

If the climate is moist dry them beneath cover rather, as an example in a nicely-ventilated greenhouse or tunnel. Always cope with onions carefully to save you bruising.

Curing Onions

In order to store onions you’ll want to ‘remedy’ them, which certainly method drying the outer skins absolutely. To try this, pass your onions underneath cowl. You can dry onions on racks or on layers of newspaper in a greenhouse, hoop house or bloodless frame. This additionally works for different alliums which includes shallots and garlic.

Spread the onions out as tons as viable and make certain there may be masses of circulating air to wick away moisture and to prevent mildew or rotting. The onions may additionally take a in addition  weeks to dry out. They are prepared to shop whilst the skins are papery, the leaves are completely shriveled up, and the roots are wiry and dry.

At this degree you need to cut off the roots and put off any free skin. If you want to keep your bulbs as onion strings, cut the stems to within  or 3 inches (five-7cm) of the neck of the bulb. If now not, cut the stem to the neck.

Storing Onions

Onions must be stored in a groovy, dry, properly-ventilated area out of direct sunlight. A storage or unheated room inside the house is good. Don’t save any thick-necked or gentle bulbs; use those up as soon as feasible as a substitute.

Individual onions can be placed – cautiously – into internet luggage. Use reason-bought vegetable storage nets or netting sacks used to maintain, as an example, oranges. The bags must then be hung up off the ground. Check the nets periodically and do away with any onions that have long past horrific.

Braided onion string

How to Braid an Onion String

Onion strings are a completely sensible and attractive way to keep onions. To make one, begin with the aid of cutting a length of string to approximately three to 4 ft, or a meter. Tie the 2 ends together to shape a loop, then dangle the loop from a hook to begin working.

Insert the first onion through the center of the loop then bend the stem around the returned of the string to return it through the loop. Push the onion right down to the lowest of the loop to anchor it into role. Now start running in additional onions in exactly the same way – placing the stem via the loop, weaving it across the lower back of the string and returning it back through the loop and pushing down to sit snugly in opposition to the preceding onion. Rotate the placement of each extra onion so they sit down neatly in a spiral. Hang your completed string in a cool, dry area and enjoy the onions as wanted, remembering to take onions from the top of the string as opposed to the bottom.

And there you have it! Preparing onions for storage may be very clean and will preserve you in bulbs proper through the wintry weather.


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