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At Telangana Agriculture, you will find a variety of fertilizers, seeds, tools and fresh produce available. You can explore the categories to start buying or selling what you really need. From fresh fruits, best fertilizers and the prettiest flowers to the most effective equipment, you will find all you require for your farming needs, here at Telangana Agriculture. And that too at the most affordable rates! So choose your products to explore now!

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Are you a farm owner with the best crops throughout the year? Are you looking for a feasible way to make more money with the security of sales and receiving cash? Or are you a contractor of farming equipment and want to sell with ease in bulk? Do you want the most effective fertilizers or seeds? Well then sign up now at Telangana Agriculture and become a registered vendor. You know what is the best part? The website charges 0% commission on selling! How good is that? Earn feedback and ratings and rise to the top and take your business with you! Register now!

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Very often farmers commit suicide due to lack of means to grow their crops or feed their families. The people who feed you do not deserve to keep their own families unfed. Support farmers and their families facing financial instability from lack of proper resources to sell and grow their crops. Your donations can stabilize and help a farmer get back on his feet and restart his career. We provide the best seeds and fertilizers to provide farmers the excellent crops. Your generosity will flourish in the form of fresh produce of fruits and flowers, grown with love, care, and determination. The farmers will be forever in debt to your act of kindness and selflessness. Donate to a good cause and help someone live better, donate now.

Discussion / Questions

The Discussions Page is a platform for the vendors, buyers and users alike to post their queries and to connect with a community of agricultural excellence. With the help of this platform, you can suggest people the right antidote for a pest or simply ask for recommendations yourself. You can create a new forum to discuss absolutely anything as long as agriculture is the focus. From buy & sell queries, marketing, machinery to farm labor, land and even consultation services, you can discuss everything on this platform as long as it is about Agriculture. Start discussions now or create or join a forum.

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Start by registering for the website to access the privileges of members on Telangana Agriculture. You can make purchases and ship them away with a single click, you can access the discussion forum and ask questions and even start your own forum to spread your concerns and knowledge related to agriculture. So log in or sign up now to access the best features of Telangana Agriculture.

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Terms & Conditions

If you register yourself as a buyer or a vendor, you will be agreeing to the following terms and conditions. Read the terms and conditions to understand your commitment to the platform, your potential customers as well as to the society as awhole.

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The terms and conditions for Telangana Agriculture are strictly set to ensure a healthy environment and community growth and disregard or abuse of the platform or the services offered by the platform. In any case of violations, misconduct or dishonesty proven, the individual(s) will be punished and charged accordingly based on the severity of the action executed. Bear in mind when you register yourself as a vendor or a user/buyer, you agree to the terms and conditions and the consequences that follow on the violation of these.


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You can sell anything over this platform as long as the focus is on agriculture from the two states of Telangana State and Andhra Pradesh State. It can be either your own fresh produce or flowers, fertilizers, seeds or even equipment used for better farming. If it is agriculture, it has a place in the market place.

The forum is a community of agricultural enthusiasts like you to help Telangana build an effective relationship between consumers and vendors. You can post any query, information or question you like that strictly focuses on the agricultural world.

The process of selling through Telangana Agriculture is very easy. You can become a vendor and start selling your owned products right away after verification of identity. You can simply follow the guide available for vendors at xyz.com and register as a vendor on the platform. Telangana Agriculture keeps the vendors’ needs in their best interest, therefore we do not charge any commission for selling through the website. Check out our guide now to understand better what it is like to become a vendor of Telangana Agriculture!

The vendors are trusted parties that register themselves on our platform to sell their legally owned goods and services. We serve as a platform to connect the vendors to the appropriate buyers and execute the trade thereof.

You can go the contact us tab on our website to get in touch with our representatives through email or call us on our hotline number to talk to our representatives immediately.